What is Nasal Airway Obstruction?

Do you constantly feel congested or like your nose is blocked? If so, you may be suffering from nasal airway obstruction, which can seriously affect the quantity of air you can inhale and your quality of life. Nasal valve obstruction can be caused by several issues and can affect one or all three parts of your nasal valve.

  1. The septum – the ridge of bone and tissue that divides your nostrils.
  2. The turbinates – fingerlike tissues that warm, humidify, and direct air as it enters the nasal cavity.
  3. The lateral wall – the side tissue that forms the outer wall of your nose.

When any of these structures become inflamed, the overall area of the nasal valve decreases, leading to nasal airway obstruction. Symptoms you may experience with nasal airway obstruction include:

  • Chronic nasal congestion or stuffiness
  • Persistent nasal blockage or obstruction
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Snoring
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to get enough air during activities
nasal valve obstruction

What are my treatment options for nasal airway obstruction?  

Many people first go to home remedies when trying to find relief from nasal airway obstruction. Things like breathing strips, nasal dilators, and sprays may offer temporary symptom relief but they are not a permanent solution.

Others opt for traditional surgery, which involves pain, an extended recovery time, and sometimes the result may not be worth it.

Isn’t there a third option that actually works?

Long-term nasal airway obstruction relief with VIVAER®  

VIVAER® is an in-office, minimally invasive sinus procedure. There is no cutting or long recovery. VIVAER® uses radiofrequency technology to permanently reshape your nasal valve. Most patients will notice improvement immediately after the procedure.

VIVAER® offers the benefits of nasal airway obstruction relief without any disadvantages of other treatment options.

  • Conveniently performed in your ENT’s office
  • Local anesthetic only
  • The procedure takes about 15 minutes
  • No downtime – you can return to normal activities immediately
  • Non-invasive
  • No incisions or cutting
  • No destruction or removal of tissue
  • No implants
  • No exterior change
vivaer offers a solution to your nasal issues

How effective is VIVAER®?

The proprietary technology that VIVAER® uses has shown that 94% of patients respond to the treatment with 88% overall satisfaction according to clinical studies. There is 0% chance of serious, device-related adverse effects when you choose VIVAER®.

Imagine life without the hassle of struggling to breathe. Relief is possible with Dr. Gegg and Emerald ENT. Ready to see if VIVAER® is right for you?