Hearing Loss

Are you becoming hard of hearing?

Most of the time, loves ones around us are the first to notice that someone has hearing loss. Putting off treatment leads to worsening of symptoms and possibly irreparable damage. If you believe you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss, it’s imperative to schedule a hearing consultation before it’s too late. 

Are you suffering from being hearing impaired?

Many people go long periods before noticing they are suffering from hearing loss. Others ignore the issue until it gets too severe to put off anymore. Hearing loss is a serious medical condition and should never be ignored. Early detection of hearing loss is crucial to allowing a patient to obtain the best treatment options possible. When they begin to consider what treatment is right for them, it is important to consider:

  • Lifestyle
  • Communication needs
  • Hopes
  • Expectations of hearing aids
  • Degree of hearing loss

Hearing aid technology is rapidly evolving, and the options may seem overwhelming. Dr. Gegg and Dr. Carter can guide you through the process, so the best possible choice is made. 

Find the right hearing solution with Emerald ENT

Drs. Gegg and Carter will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your ears and hearing to determine the type and severity of hearing loss. No matter how far along your hearing loss is, we can help create a hearing treatment plan for you. During a hearing evaluation, some of or all the following tests may be performed:

  • Middle Ear Test or Tympanometry – this test will determine how your eardrum responds to changes in the air pressure around it.
  • Frequency Specific Tonal Test – this test measures the ears’ sensitivities to certain speaking tones.
  • Speech Recognition Test – this test allows Drs. Gegg and Carter to determine your ability to understand and hear spoken words.

It’s time to get the hearing help you deserve

If you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss, it’s time to schedule a hearing consultation with Emerald ENT. As your hearing loss gets worse, you will begin to miss out on the things you love like music, enjoying a conversation with loved ones over dinner, or simply hearing someone’s voice. Stop suffering in silence, get the hearing help you deserve with Emerald ENT.

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